About the Book:

Aging Parents, The Essential Guide for Peace of Mind is a concise, easy-to-follow guide that gives you solid resources to provide the best care possible for your aging parents, while helping them achieve or maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Your parents are aging, and were able to stay in their own home… until now.  The prospect  of caring for your parents can be overwhelming. If you’re like we were, you didn’t prepare for this, and now need to get answers fast. In addition to care givers, housing, and helping your parent adjust, you’re also  dealing with family conflict, making sure the estate was being handled properly… the list goes on.

You don’t have time for theories and comprehensive books on aging. You need answers asap!

Aging Parents is packed with resources:

  • Websites for finding caregivers, researching assistive devices, getting medication information and more.
  • Information about organizations that can help with services and education.
  • Checklists to give you and your parent clarity on their choices near the ending of their life.
  • Advice, based on real-life experience.

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Whether you plan to be actively engaged or need to find information about available services, this book functions as a guide to manage your parent’s care, and help you navigate the complicated path that will allow your parents to maintain and/or achieve as much quality of life as possible by providing sources that will:

  • show how to approach sensitive subjects with loved ones.
  • help identify levels of ability.
  • help identify specific problems such as mobility, nutrition, and mental health.
  • help maintain your elder in their own home.
  • give the do’s and dont’s that may apply when moving your elder into your own home.
  • help identify an appropriate placement for your elder.
  • address caregiver support.
  • give tips for conflict resolution.
  • address end of life issues.
  • address financial issues.

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