Older Americans Month

May 29, 2015

We can’t stop the sands of time. But, do we really want to? I work with teenagers and I know I don’t want to go back there again. Too many life crises with too little life knowledge!

So, back to stopping/slowing the sands of time. We are coming to the end of May, which is designated as Older Americans Month. During the month there were articles written and information given about taking steps to age “successfully”. By aging successfully, I mean growing older with as little disability, chronic disease, depression or cognitive decline as possible. Those steps include, of course, no smoking, moderate alcohol, good nutrition and being financially secure. Some of these steps are attainable; some are not (i.e. financial stability). However, there is one thing all of us can do to live a longer, healthier life…..EXERCISE.

According to recent studies, being physically active is one of the most important things we can do for ourselves. Staying active throughout adulthood is best but these studies have shown that even starting a exercise regimen after age 50 can increase life expectancy by up to 35 years! The volunteers in these studies not only lived longer but were healthier, with less chronic disease, better cognitive ability, more physical stamina and better emotional health.

Why wouldn’t we all exercise, knowing the benefits it offers? Need some motivation?

Exercise can:

  • Improve your physical strength.
  • Help improve your ability to do everyday things.
  • Improve you balance!
  • Help control chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis.
  • Improve your mood!

Sounds like motivation enough for me. Now you just need to set a goal, make a plan and then stick to that plan.

Here are some helpful tips: OvercomingBarriersToExerciseNoMoreExcuses-2



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