1. is a great resource that provides information about where and how to access dishes and utensils for eating as well as many other home aids.
  2. is a resource that provides information about common medications prescribed for the elderly. Information includes what the medication does and the side effects of which to be aware.
  3. is a website the gives resources and support for your elder’s mental health issues (depression, anxiety, etc.)
  4. is an organization that provides services in the home for help with the daily care of an elder.
  5. is a great resource for general information about Alzheimer’s disease. It will give 10 early detection signs of Alzheimer’s, information about services, products, an online forum that addresses questions and concerns and many other resources to help you support you parent.
  6. provides a locator service for finding in-home help with bathing and personal care for your elder.
  7. offers lots of mobility aides and other products to enhance independence such as ramps, scooters, lifts, canes, adaptive phones, etc.
  8. is a resource for finding help for low-income older Americans.
  9. has information and ideas for home modification to accommodate elders.
  10. offers services, living situation options, ideas and support.
  11. provides a confidential questionnaire with information on eligibility requirements for federal programs like food stamps, social security, Medicaid as well as various state-funded programs.
  12. places your elder’s phone number on a do-not-call list for phone solicitation companies.
  13. talks about this disease, the sign and symptoms and where to get help
  14.  educates seniors on healthy aging, medication and device complications, nursing homes and assisted living facilities.
  15. Learn more about Asbestos in the military and the benefits available for you.
  16. provides great information about sleep and aging as will as helpful tips for getting optimal sleep.

The password to download copies of the forms in the book is the first word on page 41 of Aging Parents, The Essential Resource Guide.