Consider these elderly parent speaking topics for your aging parent conference. Contact us to invite Dorothy Hansen or Betsy Sherry to speak to your organization.


Elder Mental Health Issues: What’s Normal, What’s Not?

Is your elder grumpy? Tired? Forgetful? Sad? Is this supposed to happen? Changes in your elder’s mental health status can come on suddenly or gradually. Mental health changes occur for a variety of reasons. Physical and cognitive changes can be interrelated making it more difficult to know what is causing these changes.

We speak to the many factors related to mental health issues in the elderly. Nutrition, hydration, loneliness or depression are just a few reasons that mental health status can change. There may be an easy fix or a permanent change that needs to take place. We offer resources and address possible options for elders.

Decision Making with your Elder: Walking that Thin Line

Communicating with your elder without ending up at odds can be difficult at best. There are very real reasons why your elder may be difficult to talk to. We talk about some of these reasons. You will learn why conversations can become minefields and how to avoid this. We offer information about some different ways to communicate and actively listen to your elder.

Medication Management for your Elder

Knowing what a prescribed medication does, how it interacts with other medications and food, when is it taken, what are the side effects and the list goes on. Helping you elder manage medications safely is no easy task.

We offer information about how to track medications, easy ways to make sure the right medication is taken at the right time and how to help your elder ask helpful questions of the doctor and pharmacist. We give you resources for products that can allow elders to manage medications independently.

Independence and Safety: Keeping the Balance

Helicopter parents are bad enough, but helicopter children are even worse! We talk about ways to manage a safe environment without undermining your elder’s independence.

Simple home modifications, outside help and regular communication are key in maintaining independence. We speak about ways to go about introducing needed changes into the home. Knowing when a different living situation is necessary is also addressed.

Nutrition for your Elder

We are what we eat! However, helping your elder maintain a healthy diet may not be as straightforward as you may think. Are there oral problems? Is depression playing a role? Is your elder too confused to manage meal preparation?

We speak to the many factors involved in maintaining a healthy diet. Possible reasons for poor nutrition, how to talk to your elder about daily meals and resources for helping to provide a healthy, well balanced diet are all discussed.

Too Old to Socialize?

We are all social beings and, as a general rule, thrive on interacting with others. We speak to the many reasons elders may become isolated. We offer information and resources that can help your elders maintain a healthy social life.