The Greatest Gift

November 25, 2015

Holidays are a time for gathering with the significant people in our lives. Usually this is family, many times extended family. If we are lucky, we spend the day or several days catching up on each other’s lives, talking about plans for the future, or reviewing lives that are drawing to a close. In talking and listening to those we love but don’t see often we are getting a snapshot of their lives. In talking and listening to our elders we are getting a snapshot into their past, they will talk about those times that have meant the most to them.

There is a wonderful new Storycorp app designed to help record these conversations with parents, spouses, children, or anyone! It is especially great for archiving the stories that our elders have to tell. Storycorp was created to provide people with the ability to record, share and preserve life experiences. In recording these stories we learn the value of listening and learn what is especially important to the storyteller.

During these upcoming holidays take the time to listen to your elders stories. Ask them questions about their lives: what was it like when you were growing up or what were you doing when you were my age? Ask what they would like to say to their great grandchildren. Listening to what they have to say will give you information about what is important to them. Recording what they have to say will leave a wonderful legacy.1a1b915

Go to or for information about Storycorp and simple instructions for downloading the app and recording.


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